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-  Sauna and Ice Bath with Chiller from home, on demand
-  Science-backed benefits to your sleep and health
-  Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces
-  Durable non-toxic materials

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SaunaPod Specs

  • Made with polyester taffeta (safe and sustainable material).
  • Size: Height 190cm Depth 82cm, Width 89cm
  • Easy-access, removable window

Steam Chamber Specs

  • Upgraded power heating elements
  • Advanced temperature control technology (7 heating levels)
  • 4.0L XL water capacity
  • 240V power

Ice Bath Specs

  • XL: 80cm diameter x 75cm height
  • 5 x thermal insulated TPE layers.
  • Fits 1 user up to 6'5 (196cm)


  • Patented heat-insulated ThermoShield frame cover
  • Fiberglass sauna frame
  • 1 portable chair
  • Sweat absorbing Floor Mat
  • 4.0L SmartSteam chamber (black)
  • Remote control

Ice Bath

  • 1 x VITALICE ice bath
  • 1 x Hand pump
  • 1 x Protective Cover
  • 1 x Custom Carry Bag

Ice Bath

How cold should it be?
Tap water temperature will be generally similar to current air temperature. Ideal ice bath temperature is below 15 degrees.

How many VITALICE freezer ice packs should I add?
Each set (4 pack) is equivalent to 5kg or roughly 1 bag of servo ice. Depending on water temperature we recommend using 2-3 sets.

How long will it stay cold for?
VITALICE Ice baths have 5 layer insulation technology to keep your water cold longer.

Does it come with a cover?
Yes, every purchase comes with a custom, waterproof ice bath cover

How long should each session be?
Research has shown that to enhance recovery you should aim to accumulate 11 min per week in the Ice Bath. You can either do this all at once (i.e. 11 min straight) or if you’re not used to Cold Water Immersion, you can break it up into shorter durations (e.g. 2 x 5 min with 2 min out of bath inbetween).


How does the SaunaPod work?
The SaunaPod  works by heating water to create steam, which increases the moisture and temperature of the air. 

What are the operating costs for using the SaunaPod at home? A typical SaunaPod session, lasting approximately 30 minutes, incurs an estimated power cost of about 15 cents

How hot does the SaunaPod get?
The SaunaPod heats usually operates at a temperature of 45-50 degrees celcius. The high humidity can make the temperature feel much closer to 90 degrees

How do I clean it?
The inside of the heat insulated cover is designed to help prevent mold and bacteria build up. A quick dry & machine washable absorbent sweat mat for the bottom of the sauna is included in every order. After use, we recommended leaving the door flap open to air and wiping down the water vapor on the inside walls

Can I use it indoors & outdoors?
The SaunaPod can be used both indoors and outdoors. Although weather proof, we recommend packing up the SaunaPod and bringing it inside in extreme conditions

Difference between steam sauna and dry sauna? 
A steam sauna is high in humidity and has lower temperatures, while a dry sauna is low in humidity and higher temperature. The steam sauna has many added benefits including:

- Skin Hydration: Steam saunas are excellent for hydrating the skin. The moisture can open up the pores, helping to cleanse the skin and potentially reducing acne.

- Joint and Muscle Relaxation: The warm, moist heat can be beneficial for relieving tension in the muscles and joints

- Deep Sweat: The high humidity environment causes a deeper sweat which may help cleanse the skin, potentially improving its appearance

Full list of FAQ’s here

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Trusted by over 20,000+ customers

VitalPlus Product Reviews

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings

"I can't believe how hot it gets"

VitalPlus Product Reviews

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings

"The SaunaPod fixed my sleep cycle!"

VitalPlus Product Reviews

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings

"An ice bath before work has become my favourite ritual."

VitalPlus Product Reviews

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings

"I now sauna from my balcony every morning!"

VitalPlus Product Reviews

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings

"It's a game changer for my recovery and mood"

What our customers say

Designed for maximum heat
Specifically crafted for maximum heat, the ThermoShield frame and steam chamber are engineered to perfection. Our steam chamber is the most powerful on the market.
Effortless set-up
The SaunaPod is designed for quick and easy setup. Transform any space into your own personal oasis within minutes
Sleek and safe
Our sleek, functional design fits perfectly into any space and is made with an unwavering commitment to health and safety (safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic).
Sauna anywhere, anytime
Whether it's in comfort of your own home or to a weekend retreat, the SaunaPod can travel with you anywhere.
Contrast therapy
With the addition of the SaunaPod, you can now combine our Vitalice at home Ice Bath to receive all the benefits of contrast heat and cold therapy

Sauna benefits

VitalPlus Benefits
Longer, deeper sleep

Sauna releases melatonin, allowing you to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

VitalPlus Benefits
Enhanced relaxation and stress reduction

Heat therapy relaxes the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety.

VitalPlus Benefits
Improved cardiovascular health

Regular sauna is proven to improve cardiovascular health and increase blood circulation in the body.

VitalPlus Benefits
Reduced blood pressure

Studies show that regular sauna can reduce blood pressure, a key building block to cardiovascular health.

VitalPlus Benefits
Improved muscle recovery

Heat therapy enhances and speeds up muscle recovery after workouts.

VitalPlus Benefits
Improved immune function

Regular sauna has been proven to increase immune function and reduce the chance of getting sick.

VitalPlus Benefits
Pain relief

Some studies show that regular sauna can reduce joint and body pains, as well as increase pain tolerance

Ice Bath Benefits

VitalPlus Benefits
Rapid recovery

Ice baths have been proven to speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness

VitalPlus Benefits
Elevated energy

Morning ice baths are proven to release elevated and sustained energy boosts over the course of the day

VitalPlus Benefits
Immune support

Cold therapy can lead to increased immune function, increasing your body's defences to common illness

VitalPlus Benefits
Increased metabolism

Regular ice baths can lead to increased metabolic activity, which enhances the body's ability to burn fat

VitalPlus Benefits
Mood booster

Ice baths release 250% more dopamine than a cup of coffee, leading to improved mood

VitalPlus Benefits
Stress relief

Studies show that cold therapy releases a flood of calming hormones that can lead to increased relaxation and reduced anxiety

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